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Privacy Policy

We completely respect all concerns about privacy. No information whatsoever is distributed to third parties for any purposes. Your e-mail address is only collected for purposes of responding to your orders and/or comments.

Accuracy of Information

We will ship all orders on the next business day following receipt of payment (unless otherwise instructed) to the address specified at the time of purchase. We accept no responsibility or liability for items not received as a result of an incorrect address being given. Kindly verify all your information at the time or ordering. 

Care of Jewelry

The materials we use are of carefully selected high quality and ours is a smoke-free environment. Our jewelry and other items will provide a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment if you follow the basic precautions: "last thing on, first thing off", handle them carefully (some stones are more delicate than others and may scratch, chip or break if knocked against hard items), avoid exposing them to chemicals (soap, cleansing products, perfumes, excessive sweating or water can all affect not only the appearance and stability of some stones but also that of the threading materials). Wearing Sterling Silver regularly naturally prevents it from tarnishing, but when not worn, your jewelry will stay brighter longer if stored properly. Each of our jewelry items comes in its own box with a cotton insert, but if you mean to keep it elsewhere, we would recommend wrapping it in a soft cloth  and placing it into a ziploc bag. Also, keep it in a place where it will not get tangled up with other jewelry items.


Crystals are considered by many as a complementary healing therapy. Equally many do not believe that they have any healing properties. Under no circumstance should you ignore your doctor's advice or use our products as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.
Information on this web site is meant to help users obtain information, guidance and entertainment and is not a substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information contained on this web site, including references to medical and health conditions and suggestions for complementary holistic treatments, is for informational purposes only. Amaranth Jewelry does not engage in rendering medical or other professional services and/or advice and shall not be responsible to any person or entity for any effect, loss or damage caused, or alleged to be have been caused, directly or indirectly by or from the information or ideas contained, suggested, or referenced on this website. 
 Please see your doctor before starting any treatments.


We make every effort to display the products featured on this website as accurately as possible. However, the display and color capabilities of computer monitors vary and may not be entirely true to the actual color of the item. Amaranth Jewelry cannot be held responsible for these variations. Also, we assume no responsibility for any perceived losses or damages caused by the unavailability of this website.


We provide links to other sites for your convenience and/or information only. We review every link at time of application, but have no control over them or the parties that maintain them. Accordingly, we will not be held responsible for either content, accuracy of information, or quality of products or services offered by these site. I do, however, strongly feel about supporting and promoting clean, family-friendly, non-prejudicial and fair-business sites. Should you find inappropriate content on a site that links from my site, please notify me and I will follow up on it.


All the content and designs (including company name, website design, images, artwork, collection names, individual jewelry item names, jewelry designs, text, graphics etc.) are the sole property of Amaranth Jewelry and of the named sources of some content (i.e. parts of the listings of Stone Properties). Users may not link directly to images on this website. Any use of the above-mentioned content/s without prior written consent is prohibited and will be subject to legal action.


Along with information acquired over the years  from the many and various geologists, rockhounds, rocks and minerals collectors, natural healing therapists, professional and hobbyists, for some of the information, myths, history, properties, beliefs, uses ... I have also used the following books and resources:
Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann; Gemstones - Properties, identification and use by Arthur Thomas; A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals by Frederick H. Pough; New Cosmic Crystals by R.A. Bonewitz; Love is in the Earth by Melody; The Book of Sacred Stones: Fact and Fallacy in the Crystal World by Barbara G. Walker.


If the user does not agree with any of the above conditions, they are not permitted to access the site.


- rich creams, browns
- passionate golds, pinks, reds
- greens, blues, rusts, yellows
- soothing blues, creams, lavenders
- crystal aquas, turquoises, indigos
- velvety blacks, navies, purples
- cool whites, blues, grays
- from my travels, in body and in mind
- responds to deeper needs, healing
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