Last update: July 10, 2013

original handcrafted jewelry

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Men's Collection

My new endeavour, by request... I am starting with leather bracelets and leather neckwear, with copper elements, semiprecious stones, horn and wood. I will be adding new pieces often. Just so you know, each and every one of the focal points / stones has been personally selected by yours truly. (Yes, I do spend hours and hours on rock shows and with suppliers...)

Amaranth Original Handmade Jewelry for Men - Gorgeous Rainbow Obsidian and Leather Necklace Hand crafted men's bracelet - Serpentine, Wood and Leather Bracelet Handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet with Sodalite and Agatized Fossil Coral
Original Handmade Men's Bracelet - Hematite, Leather and Copper Exclusive Men's Handmade Jewelry - Leather 2-strand Necklace with Yellow Jasper and Agatized Fossil Coral