Last update: July 10, 2013

original handcrafted jewelry

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The "Amaranth Signature Collection"


Amaranth Signature Collection - Smoky Quartz, Peridot and Vermeil Earrings, 4in Amaranth Original Handmade Jewellery - Signature Collection Silver and Rainbow Fluorite Pendant Amaranth Original Handcrafted Necklaces - Braided Silver and Rayon Cord with Fluorite Pendant Amaranth Original Handmade Necklace - Black Freshwater Pearl Lariat with Gems and Beaded Beads
Amaranth Original Hair Jewellery - Garnet and Red Agate Copper Hair Slide Amaranth Original Necklaces - "Individuality"  - Gemstones Pendant on Sterling Silver Rope Amaranth Original Design Labradorite and Citrine Leather and Silver Ring, size 7